Austin In-Home Fitness Branding and Identity
Client: Austin In-Home Fitness
Austin In-Home Fitness is an In-Home Personal Training Service. The company's philosophy is "Sustainable Fitness". Sustainable Fitness is simply teaching people how to create and maintain healthy exercise habits. With this in mind, I set out to create a logo that embodied this philosophy. We eventually arrived at the impossible triangle. This symbolism represents a never ending commitment to fitness in the visual three dimensional form that continues without an end. In addition, triangles (pyramids) are symbols of power and stability. I chose a strong san-serif typeface to add a sense of building a strong foundation.
Final logo design.
Process: This showcases the refined comps, ideas and directions presented to the client. This was the basis of the project brief and getting to know what Austin In-Home Fitness was all about.
Process: These were the color version that were explored before settling on the final colors. The ides was hip and energetic with a sampling of retro sports colors.
These are all of the possible versions to cover all possible usages of the logo.
Headband with the logo on front and the company's "battle cry" (tagline) on the back.
Branding implemented on athletic, tube socks.
Branding implemented on an business related product, the exercise ball.
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