Mango Mattress Illustrations
Clients: Mango Mattress, Bottlerocket
Mango Mattress is a fascinating mattress because of its great quality and its revolutionary packaging. The mattress ships in a box/ It unrolls and expands into a full-size mattress in various sizes. My task was to illustrate this revolutionary process, so that consumers could wrap their heads around the new concept of a "mattress in-a-box." I used a mix of 3D and 2D illustration techniques to achieve the goal.
3D render showcasing the Mango Mattress and how it fits in a box.
3D render showing how the Mango Mattress expands with it's inner coils once it's out of the box.
Fully expanded Mango Mattress with cut-a-way using a combination of a 3D render and 2D illustration techniques.
A block of components and layers that make up the inner workings of the Mango Mattress.
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