Seven Strand LLC Branding and Identity
Client: Seven Strand LLC
Seven Strand LLC needed branding and identity. The creative brief stated Seven Strand would develop and invest in properties for luxury senior living, multifamily and general real estate. The majority of their clients would be coming from outside of Texas. Therefore, they wanted a logo and brand that conveyed a strong sense of Texas blended with high-end living. Their name, Seven Strand, is derived from a type of barbed wire. Seven Strand consists of seven wires braided to create the strongest of all barbed wire. This aligned with the philosophy of their business.
Final logo design.
These are the five comps we presented to the client. At this early stage it's important to just work in black and white. Once you nail down the elements, then you can move towards color choices. I presented each logo with a small version and a small, reversed-out version. A good mark must read well at a small size and reversed-out.
We narrowed down our choices to these three designs with a couple adjustments from the initial comps. The client liked the direction of the literal branding icons. The type treatment of the top most design was one of their favorites that hit the high-end, luxury resort feel. Once I added in the "7" and "S" branding element, that became our favorite.
Color palette options. My vison for their color palette was desaturated earth tones that would mix well with natural building materials. Materials such as: wood, stone and metal.
Final color palette. Complete with places to attach Pantone color swatches. This way they could see the difference between the laser printer color and the actual Pantone color.
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