CompassLearning Interactive Presentation
Client: CompassLearning
CompassLearning needed to create an interactive presentation they could use as a sales tool to showcase their services and products. The main goals were to have something they could leave behind after a sales meeting. The leave behind needed to be something that anyone could play; Mac or Windows. The decision was to put all of this content onto a CD and host on a website. This interactive demo contains huge amounts of information, 40+ hours of narration, animation, integrated 3D and music. To insure all of this content fit onto a CD, I leveraged the power of Flash and Director to create a lightweight App that would play on both Mac and Windows computers.

My duties consisted of Art Director, Designer, Programmer and Production Manager for this massive project. I acquired and directed the Voice Over Talent and Musician. Additional pieces of this project were; Packaging and Charachter Design.
Title Screen that sets the design asthetics for the rest of the interactive presentation.
Introduction of the Libririan Guide. She leads the viewer through the interactive presentation. See her creation here.
Main Menu with over-state on "Option 1".
Sub-menu branched off from Option 2. Over-state is on "Algebra readiness".
When slecting Option 1, you are presented with 3D camera move through a fully 3D, CompassLearning branded, library.
Still of the Library camera move reaching the destination of the bookshelves. The blur in this still is the motion blur from the camera move ensuring smooth playback.
Met by our guide at the bookshelf with more instructions. The camera will make another 3D move to the books with titles to the right of our guide.
3D bookcase menu screen. The over-state is represented by the CompassLearning yellow glow of "Odyssey Language Arts". Upon selecting a book, it animates off the shelf and center screen POV and then transistions into that module.
Main screen for module. The tab of buttons, bottom-right, are always present to the viewer. We kept them simple for ease of use. Play, Pause and Menu button. The Menu button will give the user flexible options to get to any module quickly.
Sample of the type of content that follows script and narration.
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