Dr Pepper Unmistakable Ride Logo Design
Clients: Dr Pepper, Mercury Mambo
Dr Pepper's Unmistakable Ride campaign was an event that would give away a tricked out, Dr Pepper-themed, Lowrider. The brief was to create a logo for the event that embodied the Lowrider Culture in conjunction with Dr Pepper branding.

Starting from the bottom and moving up are the initial designs to the final design, respectively. My findings during the research phase of the project were: graffiti,  tagging letter forms, heavy use of script typefaces, tattoos, custom car paint jobs and accessories.
The first design I really pushed all of these elements. The client felt that the first design was in favor of the Lowrider Culture. In the end, I was able to bring back the Dr. Pepper branding so we had a nice mix of the two design aesthetics.
Final Dr Pepper Unmistakable Ride Logo.
Version 2: Where I began removing Lowrider elements to balance the design.
Version 1: My initial concept was very heavy on the Lowrider design elements.
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